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Pi Day Poem

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A special Pi Day poem for today…

Monday was a quiche topped with cheese,
May I have a second serving please?
Tuesday was a shepherd’s pie with beans,
Extra mashed potatoes? Of course, by all means.
Wednesday was a flaky pot pie,
Full of creamy goodness and a veggie supply.
But now that it’s Thursday, the day of the pi,
I’m going for something a little more decadent, I can’t lie.
Apples, berries, chocolate, peanut butter,
So many choices, my taste buds start to flutter.
Lemon meringue, strawberry, pecan, or key lime,
They all sound delightful and ever sublime.
Yes, Thursday’s the day for all pie lovers,
To enjoy a day of pi and all the flavors pie uncovers.

Happy Pi Day to you!

Amanda Piccolo


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