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Chicken Coconut Kurma

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I love Indian food and have been trying to convince Matt to like it as well. I had been searching for a good Tikka Masala recipe for a long time. A co-worker of mine gave me an amazing recipe. So, now I’ve conquered the Tikka Masala and convinced Matt he likes it too, I decided to branch out and find more delicious Indian food recipes to experiment with. I ran across this recipe from a website of a woman I met at a football game brunch. She and her three sisters started a food blog which became popular enough that they have a cookbook that just came out.

This recipe for Chicken Coconut Kurma was a delicious choice. So good that I didn’t want to stop eating it. I did make a few alterations to the recipe. If you use light coconut milk like I did, reduce the amount of water to ¼ cup. Chopped onions would also be a good addition with the garlic and ginger. I used chicken thighs to make it a little more authentic with a little tenderer finished product.  Go to this website to get the recipe. Enjoy!


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